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what's on your plate.

“i’ve got this under control.”

portion control.
why we need it, who needs it? if you’re looking to lose a few pounds or keep to maintaining on your current nutrition program, portion control is going to come in handy. knowing your portion sizes is just the beginning though; you need to know which foods are right for you and how much to eat of each throughout the day! it also changes with what nutritional lifestyle you are on as well!

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don't you know that you're toxic.

you're not dirty, stop cleaning yourself out.

you are what you eat, right?
so why would you want to be toxic? did you know that you could be consuming toxic chemicals hiding in the foods you buy? now we are not saying EVERYTHING that isn’t natural is toxic, we just would like you to be more mindful of the items your purchase, especially those in processed foods. now it don’t just end with what you eat, it also plays into what you put into and on your body (ladies this goes for you in particular). in this tipsy tuesday we will show you what to look for when purchasing food, cleaning products, feminine products and toiletries, as well as plastics and containers!

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plants vs. zombies.

“I don’t eat anything that poops.”

Vegans have taken over!
It seems to be that what we thought was a trend has actually turned out to be a huge transition in the nutrition and food industry. The stereotypical “meat and potatoes” diet has become a thing of the past. Plant based diets have moved in and have become the front runner!

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