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it's okay to not be okay.

“just a masterpiece trying to master peace.”


do you ever feel like you’re just not okay? like the world is crashing in on you? hey, it happens. millions of people in the US are affected by some mental illness each year. it’s extremely important to practice self-care AND self-love on a daily basis. you are not alone in this battle.

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you're glowing.

“beauty from the inside out.”


look at you, you’ve got your nutrition down, you’re sleeping better, now it’s time to work on you from the inside out. ever heard the saying “tough as nails”? well, get ready, because your hair, skin and nails are going to be the strongest (and clearest) they’ve ever been. collagen has been taking the health and wellness industry by storm this year. now offering more ways to consume it than in just it’s pure form! from protein powders to tasty treats, i am ready to spill the details with you!

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