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epic fail.

“this salad tastes like I’d rather be fat.”

“okay, this time I mean it, diet starts monday…”
sound familiar?
diets, we’ve all been on one at some point in our lives. however, the problem isn’t weight loss, it’s weight regain. most people will lose weight on any kind of diet. but when it’s finished, this is where the issue lies; education afterward. did you know that 70% of people who have dieted grained their weight back within one year?! that’s crazy right? so why do diets fail us, truly?

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blahblahblah, health myths.

debunking the junk in the trunk.

so I’ve been receiving a bunch of questions lately about what I “think” about fitness and nutrition myths. the health and wellness industry has become so watered down with “junk” out there. why? so that you’ll buy into their plan and no one else's. ever hear of this, “lose 10 pounds in one week with this diet” or “detox years of toxins with this drink”.
I’m pretty sure you have, and honestly, do you really buy it? I’d hope not. so let’s get to the facts here. I’ll be debunking some of the most popular health and wellness myths out there.

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“why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?”

as the saying goes…
keep it simple, stupid. why complicate something, especially staying healthy, when it can be so easy! always finding it difficult to stay on track, follow a diet or even make time to be active? don’t worry, we get it, life can get in the way sometimes of what we actually want to do. goals and plans sometimes get pushed off to the side to tend to immediate issues that way arise unexpectedly. don’t fret! here are some ways that you can keep it simple AND stay on track with your plan.

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hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie, to the hip hip-hop.

“I had eggs for breakfast. scrambled? no, cadbury.”

hoppy Easter everyone!
with the holiday coming up, we are sure that you’ll be enjoying family, friends & lots of food. as some of you may also have goals you’d like to hit by the summer, there is no need to fret about partaking in the activities and NOT reaching your goals.

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eat. sleep. train. repeat.

“mirror mirror on the wall, I’ll always get up after I fall. & whether I run, walk or have to crawl, I’ll set my goals & achieve them all.”

ever heard the saying “never miss a monday?”
well, tbh, we have missed a few mondays of our own. that doesn’t mean you have to continue to trickle off track, you just need to find a way to motivate yourself back into your routine. life happens, plans don’t aways go the way we expect them to and honestly, there are going to be hiccups in your journey, BUT you should never give up on your goal. no matter how long it takes, you’ll reach it.

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take out the trash, new sh*t.

out with the old, in with the new.

with the warmer weather and summer approaching quite quickly (maybe too quickly), it’s time to prepare that summer bod. mom bod, dad bod, lean, fit and toned bod. well, any bod really. but unfortunately, achieving your summer look won’t happen over night. it’s time for your old winter nutrition and training habits to hit the trash. welcome in your spring routine with some new shit we found hitting the charts this season. between new superfoods and training programs, we think that you’ll have that summer bod in no time.

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