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on a roll.


So you hurt? ROLL IT OUT!
Our muscles need a little TLC, maybe a little more than others. Stretching can help with that, but we are thinking something a little more along the lines of “tough love”. This brings us to the topic of foam rolling. Have you tried it? If not, let us educate you a little on how-to and the history behind it. For those who are “seasoned” foam rollers, you may learn something new!

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training hangover.

to lift or not to lift.

You can’t outrun a bad diet…
but you can definitely improve one with a good workout! When you feel good, you want to eat good, right? Wether you are new to the fit-life or a seasoned athlete, we all still seem to have the same question. How much and when should I workout? How much cardio or strength training. When should I rest?

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