bizarre foods.

"weird is a side effect of being awesome."

ever wandered down the isles and see an interesting veggie and say to yourself “looks cool, but nahhhh.” well did you know there are that there is a world of delicious weird, bizarre, unique and delicious vegetables out there? YUP! there are so many creative ways to use them AND jazz up your boring meals. this list of uniquely nutritious veggies are sure to excite your taste buds and help introduce yourself, and family, to a new ingredient!

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D3C0D1NG 1O1.


I'm gonna whole box this.
sound familiar? ever pick up a bag of "single serving" chips to only realize that there is 1.5 or 2 servings in it! trust me, I've been there too many times. understanding nutritional labels can be an education course in itself let alone a math equation. not every label is created equally!

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epic fail.

“this salad tastes like I’d rather be fat.”

“okay, this time I mean it, diet starts monday…”
sound familiar?
diets, we’ve all been on one at some point in our lives. however, the problem isn’t weight loss, it’s weight regain. most people will lose weight on any kind of diet. but when it’s finished, this is where the issue lies; education afterward. did you know that 70% of people who have dieted grained their weight back within one year?! that’s crazy right? so why do diets fail us, truly?

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red, white & blue.

fourth of july, grill all the food!

happy 4th of july!
with the fourth of july in two days, some of you may have bbqs, parties and vacations to go on. this means there is going to be burgers, hot dogs, alcohol, potato salads AND sweets. it appears as if diet disaster is on the horizon. wrong! there are many ways for you to stay on track and still enjoy yourself during the holiday week!
let the festivities begin!

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