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a peak into tattoo jessie’s competition life.

I began entering in bikini competitions in October of 2013. the first show I did was for MuscleMania in Boston, MA.
it was a learning experience to say the least. I had done my own training and nutrition. I had also made my own suit as well.
the following year I switched to WNBF/INBF. here I've gone on to compete in numerous shows.
in 2015 I joined the bodhi. by anthony team to compete in the WNBF/INBF Hercules. I continued to work with my coaches until I took my first place win in the INBF NE America Natural Classic 2016 (I ended up with a 2nd over all title placement). from this show I competed two more times.
since 2016, I have been in an off season, working on my business, building an empire, and growing stronger physically and mentally.
but don't worry, this won't be the last time you see tattoo jessie!

INBF NE America Natural Classic 2016

INBF NE America Natural Classic 2016

competition results.

  • WNBF Hercules 2014: 9th

  • WNBF NaturalMania 2014: 4th

  • INBF NE America Natural Classic 2015: 5th

  • WNBF Hercules 2015: 4th

  • WNBF NaturalMania 2015: 5th

  • WNBF World Championship: 5th

  • INBF NE America Natural Classic 2016: 1st Place (2nd Overall)

  • ANBF NJ Natural Classic IX 2016: 4th

  • WNBF Hercules 2016: 4th

  • WNBF NaturalMania 2016: 5th