accountability coaching.


you’ve been through the program, you know your macros, you’ve pretty much got this flexible dieting down. however, you find yourself slacking some days or needing an extra push.
then our monthly accountability coaching program is for you!

what if macro calculating isn’t what you’re looking for BUT you want nutritional guidance, emotional support, encouragement, affirmation and a confidence boost? guess what, this program is for you!

being held accountable for your progress is key. I’m here to help!
you’ll get complimentary macros and adjustments as you grow in your program!


you’ll be able to.

  • send me your daily nutritional tracker

  • weekly check-ins with a mid week “hello” if you’d like

  • email & support - 30 days

you’ll also get.

  • customized macros

  • access to the fitBITE hub

  • nutritional tracker options

  • education, tips & tricks to stay on track

  • progress tracker

contracts available in.

  • 1 month

  • 3 months - save 5%

  • 6 months - save 10%

  • 1 year - save 15%

contracts 3 months or more receive

a FREE grocery tour ($125 value)

* months are 30 days